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The Omega Code is a collection of 9 modern, intense epic hybrid trailer music tracks with both organic orchestral and gritty digital synth elements. Choir, thunderous percussion, hard hitting electric drums, epic sweeping melodies and a full orchestra create an epic Hollywood trailer sound, perfect fit for the silver screen and film trailer, game trailer and other epic trailer music production seeking an instant intense emotional response. Take your project even one step higher with memorable and hard hitting epic soundtrack music that will captivate and blow away your audience.


Epic Hybrid Trailer Music Pack contains: – The Art Of War 4824.wav – Wild Hunt 4824.wav – Wild Hunt 30s 4416.wav – Wild Hunt 60s 4416.wav – Wild Hunt 4416 (PERCUSSION & SFX).wav – Black Widow 4824.wav – No Remorse 4824.wav – United We Stand 4824.wav – New Frontier 4824.wav – New Frontier 30s 4416.wav – New Frontier 60s 4416.wav – New Frontier 4416 (PERCUSSION & SFX).wav – The Art Of War 320 MP3.mp3 – Wild Hunt 320 MP3.mp3 – Black Widow 320 MP3.mp3 – No Remorse 320 MP3.mp3 – United We Stand 320 MP3.mp3 – New Frontier 320 MP3.mp3 – Rebellion 320 MP3.mp3 – Eternal 320 MP3.mp3 – Wild Hunt (Vocal Mix) 320 MP3.mp3
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