Amppitune Chronicles is a collection of 124 royalty free music tracks ranging from orchestral to rock to electronica. Huge and inexpensive toolkit to carve out a soundtrack for your game or other media production. Buy once, use forever. See the simple usage terms.

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Every music track is provided as 320kbps MP3 and 24bit 48kHz WAV. See full track listing here.


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This royalty free music pack includes following tracks and 114 more:


• 1 – The Art of War
The Art Of War is a modern aggressive epic hybrid music trailer track with both organic orchestral and gritty digital synth elements. Choir, thunderous percussion, hard hitting electric drums, epic sweeping melody and a full orchestra.

• 2 – Black Widow
Black Widow is a modern epic cinematic hybrid trailer track including both orchestral and digital elements, blending together to create one organic but powerful sounding heroic track. Full orchestra, choir, thunderous percussion, electric drumkit, solo vocals and epic melody create an epic Hollywood sound. Take your project even one step higher with memorable and cutting edge sounding modern hybrid soundtrack that will captivate and blow away your audience.

• 3 – Wild Hunt
Wild Hunt is a modern sounding epic adventure music trailer track with both orchestral and digital elements, making it the cream of hybrid tracks. Hollywood sounding full orchestra, powerful choir, thunderous percussion, epic sweeping melody, bass drops and powerful hits create an epic, majestic pro sound.

• 4 – The Mission
Feeling of urgency and tenseness in this action track. Orchestral arrangement, with synth and percussion. Excellent videogame music.

• 5 – The Awakening
Epic and adventurous track. Big orchestration with catchy melody. Varies from gentle and soft parts to a full-blown massive orchestra. Includes solo singing as well as full choir, massive percussion and drums. Excellent video game music, and good for action/military/war, medium tempo.

• 6 – Durgan Miners
Adventurous and epic track. Big orchestration with catchy riffs and melodies. Excellent video game music, and good for action/military/war, medium tempo.

• 7 – Sinphony
Instrumental symphonic rock mayhem! Includes a typical rock band instrumentation and blends it with orchestra and choir. Fast tempo.

• 8 – Amant
Melodic trance with catchy chorus. Typical commercial EDM instrumentation, including fat and powerful saw-type leads, tight drums, thumping bass, creaking synths and atmospheric pads. Fast tempo. Excellent video game music.

• 9 – Glow from the Abyss
Mysterious and atmospheric track. Slowly evolving synth atmospheres with touch of piano and electric guitar. Excellent video game music.

• 10 – Everything For Nothing
Starts as very menacing and scary feel, almost disturbing, synth pads and dirty sounding orchestral strings creating the atmosphere. Then the song moves on to gentle and despair-ish / sad orchestral parts, including strings, choir and ethnic instruments, and finally beautiful piano part takes the song to its ending.


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Buy once, use forever. See the simple usage terms.

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